Truly Above 1500mg CBD Oil

1500mg of oral formulation of Full spectrum legal and safe cannabidiol.

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Truly Above 60ml CBD Oil for sale contains a guaranteed minimum 1500mg of CBD per 10mL bottle. In other words, you are receiving a potent 2.5mg serving of CBD in each single drop. Moreover, the therapeutic potential of Truly Above CBD oil is enhanced with a full-spectrum blend of active hemp cannabinoids, including CBDv, CBG, and CBDa – all of which have been shown to possess their own unique therapeutic benefits

Ingredients per serving:
Hemp Oil (seed & Stalk) 2.5mg
Cannabidiol (CBD) 12.5mg

Each 30mL glass of Truly Above CBD oil for sale contains our unique formulation with an immensely powerful cannabinoid entourage effect. The end user result? A well-researched, lab-validated, beautifully-crafted hemp oil that can be applied for a truly endless range of uses.

Truly Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil ensures the most accurate positive therapeutic experience and contains a full 750mg of natural and organic hemp extract (2.5mg CBD per drop). Our glass bottles (which work to keep harmful UV light radiation out) include a pipette dropper for simple, ultra-convenient oral consumption.


I operate cranes for a living and I’m always sitting down in high-stress situations. I take one dose in the morning before work and typically one after lunch with great success. I think it calms the nerves a touch and helps my lower back.
I was told I should try this on my son who has major anxiety due to his autism. WOW He no longer has major anxiety No meds over the last 30 years have ever worked on his anxiety ever He has no side effects either He has suffered horribly for years and years with major major anxiety.
I’ve had prescribed anxiety medications that were sedating me and having me wake up feeling tired. I’ve been suffering from sleeping problem for years and I came across this product from a friend. I am very happy with the effects of this oil I’m sleeping better than ever and waking up feeling energized.