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30ml bottle – 750 mg bottle = 25 mg per ml = 3.75 mg per drop
60ml bottle – 1500 mg bottle = 25 mg per ml = 3.75 mg per drop

For consumption and maximum absorption into the body, we recommend tinctures. Using CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) will enhance the onset of effects, which you may begin to feel them within 8 to 15 minutes from using it.

Ingesting CBD oil by adding it to your food may last up to 8 hours, but it may take up to 2 hours before you begin to experience any effects.

 General Dosage Guidelines

When you begin to use cannabinoids like CBD therapeutically, it’s best to keep your dose at a lower level rather than a large one. Remember: start low, and go slow. With a little experimentation and some time, you will find your sweet spot. It’s the spot where you consume the least amount of CBD oil to reap the most optimal amount of therapeutic benefits. 

Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids do not conform to the one size fits all rule. The time of day, your symptoms, your lifestyle, your weight, the potency of the CBD oil, the method of delivery, and your desired effects will all play a role in how effective CBD will be.

Figuring out how to correctly dose CBD will be critical in maximizing the benefits of the medicine. Below are some general guidelines for new CBD users to follow. There are three standard dose sizes

Micro Dose

A microdose is a small dose (0.5-20mg CBD) each dose per day. Microdosing is a popular method for treating common mood symptoms, stress, and sleep.

Standard Dose

A standard dose of CBD will differ between people, but we generalize a standard dose being between 10mg-100mg CBD/dose/day.

Therapeutic (Macro) Dose

A therapeutic dose is quite high between 50mg and 800mg of CBD per day.

The Biphasic Effect

Biphasic means two phases. CBD and other phytocompounds have biphasic effects. Meaning, if you increase your CBD dose, you may not be increasing the effects of your CBD oil. Interestingly enough, the biphasic effect may produce the opposite effects when you increase your dosage size.

A great starting point is with a microdose because it is excellent for energizing the mind and ease the body whereas a therapeutic dose may cause a feeling of deep relaxation or tiredness.

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